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After Sales Service

All goods shall be inspected by clients upon receipt or collection.

You may contact our Client Service Team to get specific serving or decanting instructions for the wine(s) that you have purchased from us.

If there is any shortage, deficiency, or breakage found upon receipt or collection of the wines, please immediately advise our logistics team and make a remark on the delivery note for our processing. We will rectify the discrepancy as soon as possible. Unfortunately we will not be able to entertain any such complaints once delivery is complete or you have confirmed proper receipt (by signing the delivery note).

Where it is discovered that a bottle of wine is corked, simply contact our Client Service Team by email or phone within twenty-four (24) hours. We may offer a replacement or credit provided that

  1. the original cork was put back in the opened Corked Wine with at least 2/3 of the content remaining in the bottle upon return,
  2. the value of the wine does not exceed HK$700.00 per bottle or the vintage of the wine is less than 10 years old,
  3. the wine was purchased (and fully paid) from us and was delivered within 7 days; and
  4. the wines have not been stored inappropriately by the Customer.

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If your question cannot be found in our FAQ, get in touch with our Client Service Team for more information.

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Upgrade to Omtis Storage if you would like to store wines with us. Also you will gain access to a breadth of services available on the platform including En Primeur purchasing and up-to-date valuation of wines that you store with Omtis.

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