Emotional Investing

We, as a family with a passion for wine, have been collecting over decades, and have seen first hand how wine is able to preserve wealth across generations. We help our clients partake in this strategy, never forgetting that at its very core, wine remains more of an emotional investment and not a speculative asset.

Tangible asset

Unlike stock certificates and bonds, wine investors own a physical asset that they can see, feel, and drink. Owning wine is a potential hedge for inflation, in the same way as art, property and precious metals. Furthermore there is a certain level of liquidity and tradability, which may be different from other asset classes. Every bottle and specific vintage is unique. Most importantly, there is an inherent satisfaction to being the sole owner of an investment that you can consume!

Improvement with age and diminishing supply

When wines age and approach optimum drinking, they become more desirable and therefore more valuable. As such, we believe that collectors should buy wine when vintages are young, in order to maximize upside. Wines are consumed overtime further diminishing supply and increasing rarity for a given vintage. This also, has a positive impact on price appreciation.


All the above would not be relevant if it wasn’t for keeping wines in perfect, and pristine condition. As science and general technology improves the demand for spotless provenance is increasing. This is the reason that we at Omtis have invested considerably for breakthrough technologies in wine storage and traceability.


Furthermore unlike other more mainstream investments, this asset class is not liable for profits tax. Legally, Fine Wine is regarded as a wasting asset and as such attracts no Capital Gains Tax and Estate Duty. We encourage that you consult your tax advisor for up-to-date information in this regard.

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Upgrade to Omtis Storage if you would like to store wines with us. Also you will gain access to a breadth of services available on the platform including En Primeur purchasing and up-to-date valuation of wines that you store with Omtis.

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