Become an Omtis Storage User

By becoming an Omtis Account User you will be able to view your wishlist and online order history. You will also be able to upgrade to a Storage Account.

What is an Omtis Account?

Being an Omtis Account user, you will be able to:

  • View your wish list and online order history
  • Edit your account settings
  • Manage your preferences
  • Receive exclusive deals and updates on our insider's news and events
  • Upgrade to an Omtis Storage account
What is an Omtis Storage Account?

Being an Omtis Storage Account user, you will be able to:

  • Manage the inventory you stored with us
  • View and track your En Primeur Purchase (If your account is not yet a storage account, you will be asked to upgrade to a storage account user upon your allocation confirmation.)

A credit card needs to be registered for the Storage Account to facilitate the automation and streamlined process that our platform can offer in terms of paying for shipment or storage, whichever is applicable.

Upgrade to Omtis Storage

Upgrade to Omtis Storage if you would like to store wines with us. Also you will gain access to a breadth of services available on the platform including En Primeur purchasing and up-to-date valuation of wines that you store with Omtis.

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Become an Omtis Storage User