En Primeur is the purchase of wine early, while the vintage is still maturing in barrel.
Prices are generally more attractive.

Wine Futures / En Primeur

Buying wine futures allows you to:

  • Secure allocations at the initial release price, as purchasing after bottling is usually more expensive.
  • Purchase the latest vintage of a wine of particular interest which one has followed over the years. This is especially important for wines on which there is always more demand than there is supply.
  • Purchase rare, sought-after or small-production wines that may not be available commercially after bottling. By bottling into alternative formats, potential performance may be greater.
Guide to the En Primeur Process
Step 1
Select the wines from our En Primeur Shop and add them to the inquiry list
Step 2
Create a free account to send us your En Primeur enquiry
Step 3
Receive our En Primeur allocation by email
Step 4
Complete your En Primeur purchase
Step 5
Decide to ship or store your wines when the wines are released by the estate(s) in 2 to 2.5 years.
Upgrade to Omtis Storage

Upgrade to Omtis Storage if you would like to store wines with us. Also you will gain access to a breadth of services available on the platform including En Primeur purchasing and up-to-date valuation of wines that you store with Omtis.

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