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Long Dai(瓏岱)and Hu Yue(琥岳), the second wine of the estate Domaine de Long Dai, owned by Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite “DBR Lafite”, will be distributed in Hong Kong and Macau and selected export markets in Asia, by Omtis Fine Wines, one of the most highly reputed family-owned wine merchants in Hong Kong, with over 100 years of experience in delivering luxury in Asia. Three years ago, in 2019, Domaine de Long Dai opened its doors to the public for the first time and released its first wine: Long Dai 2017. This year marks another milestone, the first time that Hu Yue is unveiled to markets outside Mainland China, with the release of the 2019 vintage and exclusively through Omtis Fine Wines.

The story and the name

“Our family have been winemakers at Lafite for 150 years, so it is in our culture to be patient and take our time to make sure we release a wine we are proud of,” said Saskia de Rothschild, at the head of the family’s wine estates. She continues, “We are currently in the first chapter of a very long story, as winemakers in China”. The choice for the name Long Dai came from the Rothschild family’s wish to find an identity that could show how this wine is the perfect balance between nature, and the care of men and women who have helped it reveal its best potential. It was also important to find a name that showed tribute to Shandong’s exceptional local history. Inspired by the Taishan sacred mountain in Shandong, Long Dai(瓏岱)represents an idealized mountain that rose through the power of nature and was then carefully chiselled by human hands. The choice of name describes what the Rothschilds do as winemakers: try to perfect the raw materials provided by nature.

“The origin of the name Hu Yue, was the idea to reveal a sacred alliance between Chinese culture, respect for the elements and nature’s uncontrollable cycle.” Saskia de Rothschild continues, “What better character than Hu(琥)that refers to a jade tablet, that was an important tool used in ancient times by farmers to pray for a good harvest!” The character Hu(琥)also recalls the symbol for the tiger, the second sacred animal in China. The second character Yue(岳)represents all the 5 sacred mountains of China and links back to the sacred Mount Dai referenced in the name of the estate.

Omtis Fine Wines and DBR (Lafite) continuing through generations

Guillaume Deglise, International Director for DBR Lafite, and Philippe Bera, CEO of Omtis Fine Wines Hong Kong, agree that both families share a long-term vision and philosophy:

“Long Dai’s team in Shandong and the DBR Lafite team in Bordeaux are delighted to count Omtis as a new partner to develop the story of our wines on key Asian markets outside Mainland China,” commented Guillaume Deglise. He continued, “We are just at the beginning of Long Dai’s story and look forward to a long-lasting relationship as partners.”

Philippe Bera said, “My family started the business in Shanghai in 1919, from running cinemas, to distributing luxury watches, and now to fine wine. Always focused on quality and customer satisfaction, always nimble, and always evolutionary. We have never swayed from our core goals and beliefs, but we have remembered the importance of changing with the times and bringing new ideas and creativity to inspire the team and adapt the organization. This, we believe, coincides, with the Rothschild’s journey in inspiring the world of wine by cultivating a world-class vineyard in China that can compete with the best. We are honored to continue our longstanding and fruitful partnership with DBR (Lafite) with their new ‘story’ in China. This demonstrates, not only our commitment to our heritage and roots in China, but also our eagerness and dedication to bring high-end wines to our customers across Asia.”

The unveiling of the 2019 Vintage

The priority of the Domaine de Long Dai team has been to continue to learn from the terroir and to find the best expression of this Shandong terroir, never losing sight of creating a unique Chinese wine with a French touch. This year has seen many developments within the estate in search for precision and a deeper understanding of how environmental factors in the valley affect their specific terroir, particularly regarding the subject of irrigation. “The 2019 vintage was a challenging year due to the lack of water in Summer. Our team studied the soils in order to develop the right protocols in case of a difficult” says Charles Treutenaere, Estate Manager, “the 2019 is the perfect example of a wine that expresses all the potential of its terroir and of the climate of this year, a subtle surprise”.

The Grand Vin of Long Dai 2019 is embodied with a balanced structure and elegant fine grain tannins with notes of black fruit and bold spices. It is composed of Cabernet Sauvignon 85%, Cabernet Franc 9%, and Marselan 6%.

The second wine, Hu Yue 2019, is defined by aromas of red fruits such as red currant and cherry, followed by spicy notes of liquorice and white pepper revealing a complex and yet refined nose. The attack is fresh, with a balanced structure and an enveloping mouthfeel. It is composed of Cabernet sauvignon 57%, Marselan 17%, Syrah 15%, and Cabernet franc 11%.

Philippe Bera adds, “after tasting these wines in February, and experiencing their respective freshness, I share the view of the winemaking team, that these wines will age beautifully.”

Availability of these wines

Domaine de Long Dai and Hu Yue will be available in Hong Kong during summer 2022.

For end consumers, if you wish to be included in the Omtis mailing list for future allocations of these wines in Hong Kong and Macau, please register for an Omtis Account via The wines will also be available in selected private members clubs, 5-star hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau.

Tasting Notes

Long Dai 2019
The wine begins with a sweet nose of black cherry, raspberry and plum followed by a peppery spice and a cedar-scented bouquet. Its medium-bodied palate, after a generous attack, is embodied with a balanced structure and elegant fine grain tannins. Hints of black chocolate give a luscious feel to the finish.

Hu Yue 2019
Hu Yue is defined by aromas of red fruits such as red currant and cherry, followed by spicy notes of licorice and white pepper revealing a complex and yet refined nose. The attack is fresh, with a balanced structure and an enveloping mouthfeel. The length, supported by silky tannins, is distinguished by light notes of cocoa, perfectly underlining the harmony of this wine.