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The Mascot, founded by Will Harlan, is making its debut in Hong Kong with Omtis Fine Wines, one of the most established family-owned wine merchants in Hong Kong, with over 100 years of experience delivering luxury in Asia.

A Youthful Expression of the “Grands Vins”

The Mascot is a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon made from the younger vines of Harlan Estate, BOND, and Promontory—the three hillside winegrowing estates that comprise Domain H. William Harlan. The Mascot shares the same meticulous winegrowing practices of the estate wines, remaining true to its pedigree while offering a youthful promise for the future.

From an Experiment to the birth of New Wine

“The Mascot began as an experimental project, born of the desire to create a wine to share with friends,” said Will Harlan. He persuaded his family and the winegrowing teams to lend a few barrels of wine from the young vines of the three “parent” properties, and began to explore his own blend—creating a small quantity of the first official vintage in 2008—just enough to share among the family and with friends. Since then, Will has been working at the family domain with his winemaking teams, led by Cory Empting, to weave together this charming harmony of energy and depth; expressive and approachable early in its life, The Mascot will age for decades if given the opportunity.

The Next Generations of Two Families

As the next generation at the helm of their respective family businesses, Will Harlan, MD of Domain H. William Harlan, and Philippe Bera, CEO of Omtis Fine Wines, share a long-term vision and philosophy. “My family started the business in Asia in 1919, from running cinemas, to distributing luxury watches, and now to fine wine. Always evolving, always nimble, and always evolutionary. We have never swayed from our core goals and beliefs, but we have remembered the importance of changing with the times and bringing new ideas and creativity to inspire the team and the organization. This, we believe, coincides, with Will’s journey in his family domain and his Mascot project. We are very glad to be representing The Mascot in Hong Kong, a wine with absolute potential,” said Philippe Bera.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve heard my father’s 200-year plan. I am grateful for the opportunity now to lead the family winegrowing domain, and feel excited for our future. There is so much potential to understand our land better—and, through relationships such as we have with our friends at Omtis, to share the fruits of our endeavors with an international audience of patrons,” said Will Harlan.

From the Land to the Wine

The Mascot is produced from the younger vines of its three parent properties (Harlan Estate, BOND, and Promontory) in the Napa Valley—the rarest and finest sites, which the Harlan family has spent the past 40 years identifying. The vines that contribute to The Mascot average from 5 to 12 years of age. Depending on the vintage, The Mascot is composed of 85 to 95% Cabernet Sauvignon, along with small quantities of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot. The winemaking teams evaluate the young-vine lots at the blending table between 6 and 14 months after fermentation, selecting the finest for inclusion in The Mascot. In total, The Mascot is aged in barrel for nearly three years prior to bottling and another 12 months in bottle prior to release.

The Mascot in Hong Kong

The Mascot is now available on Omtis Fine Wines website. If you wish to be included in the Omtis mailing list for future allocations of the Mascot in Hong Kong, please register for an Omtis Account via The wines are also available in selected private members clubs, 5-star hotels and restaurants.

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